Omg! Meet the Girl Living in Someone Else’s Skin After Suffering Serious Burns (Photos)

A woman’s life has been saved after doctors used skin from dead people to patch and make her body look better after she had suffered a terrible burn.

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Alexandra Hollingsworth
A teenager who suffered severe burns has been given her life back after doctors helped patched half of her body using skin from deceased donors.
Dailymail reports that Alexandra Hollingsworth, 18, caught fire after taking part in a dangerous game which involved igniting alcohol.
Sustaining burns to 52 per cent of her body, the woman from Memphis, has had more than 20 operations to help her recover. So far, doctors have done skin grafts on her elbows, legs, thighs, back, arms and stomach, using flesh from her legs. While skin from cadavers – decellularised dermis – was used on her chest.
She said: ‘At first, it was weird because it was much darker than my skin tone but my body’s not rejecting it and I don’t think about it unless someone asks.
‘I have no idea who the donor is, I woke up and it was on my chest.
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